1. How you understand ˇ°sexyˇ±? Or how you feel those sexy things in daily life?
Sexy is very natural. What is sexy, has changed for me during the course of my life. It is a feeling in my body without thinking.
It is something so simple and not simple at the same time. I am a very visual person. I see a lot when I look at the world. I see a lot of details. When I look at a person I understand a lot. But sometimes I dont need to see a person at all to feel something sexual.
We are giving people all kinds of information about ourselves all the time. But the people who see us can only see what they understand. I mean I think the language of sex happens in many ways, but the main way, for me at this time in my life, is thru a feeling in the heart. This is something that is not necessarily anything to do with how someone looks. I think the saying that love is blind is very true. So I don?t think anymore in terms of hair and eyes and lips and body parts, but it is an aura that someone has around them. Maybe sex is blind.
2. What is the perfect ?sexy?to you?
  I do have ideas about the kind of woman I am interested in. I mean what she looks like. So if I see someone like that I might think wow she is really sexy, but then it may not really translate into a real true physical sexiness. Because I am a songwriter I have thought about this a lot. About the emotions of love and how my relationship with sex is so important to who I am. And who I am is affected by how I relate to sex. So perfect sexy is a feeling I get from a woman and it has an affect on my heart, mind, and body, and I may get this feeling from someone who looks not at all like I would imagine sexy to look. I am also very affected by the sound of a voice, and smells. I have noticed that a body can send out something that has
an odor, and it may even not be a pleasant odor, but can just take over another person?s responses. So I think our bodies know what is going on. Two bodies can talk to each other and they know what to do. So this is what is real, and I don?t think we can really make this happen. We can try to trick our bodies by thinking about something sexy, and that can work for a short time, but it is still like having sex with yourself even if you are going thru the motions of making love with another person.
    3.To be more specific, can you give us some examples to support your opinions of the perfect ?sexy? to you?
    Ok at this point in my life I notice things like a beautiful foot in sandals.
I think toes can show a nature beauty. Most people who are trying to be sexy, do things to there hair and face and clothes, and don?t think that much about there feet, until summer comes and it is time to wear sandals.
And also people who have suffered for fashion have hurt there feet with shoes that tortured them. This tells me a person care disregard there true feelings to give the appearance of sexy cool. So if I see feet with long toes and no scares, or blisters, I get a feeling that is a natural beauty.

Also long fingers are sexy. Even though you can do a lot to take care of your hands. You can?t really fake long thin fingers.
The features of people use to tell us a lot, but now the world of cosmetic products are available to help a person to imitate beauty and sexuality, so it has become a science. I am not saying that a person with short fingers and toes can?t be sexy. Everyone can be sexy to someone.

3b. Do you think ?sexy?? is only a physical feeling?
Not at all. It is possible to be very turned on by someone you have never met in person. The sound of a voice or even the feeling given in written words can sometimes be more sexy than an image for the eyes, or a touch to the skin.