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กก PHILLIP JARRELL / Co-Founder, Photographer & Photo Editor of World Asia Inc.
Phillip joined WorldAsia with an interesting and well-varied background. Phillip's music experience includes writing, performing, producing and recording with major record labels such as MOTOWN, and Twentieth Century Fox Records in Los Angeles.
In 1977, Phillip penned a number one hit song with Peter Yarrow, "Torn Between Two Lovers". "Torn Between Two Lovers" was number one on four billboard charts and later became a CBS movie made for TV, starring Lee Remick. It was also recorded in many languages. The song has sold worldwide ten million records. In 1979-81, he produced new wave bands as "The Lurkers of London" in England. In the past few years, he developed music projects for TV's "Sesame Street" and created musical stories for Toys 'R Us.
Fifteen years ago, Phillip dedicated himself to fashion photography, based in New York, Milan, Paris, Hamburg, New York again. He traveled to Hong Kong where he photographed an upscale mens wear catalogue.
Now in 2003,he is still working freelance, internationally. His two main positions at this time are the World Asia project and recently cheif photographer of "W METROPOLIS MAGAZINE"Shanghai, China. Based out of Shanghai, and New York, Phillip works with a wide variety of magazines and music companies. He is photographing Fashion magazine covers, CD covers,celebraties,and fashion editorials.
His experience in the industry includes work with clients such as Banana Republic, Elle Magazine, Italian Cosmo Magazine, Process Magazine, Talent In Motion Magazine, W Metopolis Magaizne, M Metropolis magazine, many model agencies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. CBS Records Germany, Universal Records and Rampage Records, New York.
Through his projects, Phillip has developed strong relationships with many fashion designers, fashion magazines, top modeling agencies and record labels.
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